Our innovative thinking and litigation strategies, combined with decades of experience, have led to success in the courtroom.

Kantor | Davidoff’s attorneys have extensive litigation experience in federal and state courts, at both the trial and appellate levels, as well as in mediations and arbitrations, covering issues and transactions that recur in business. We represent large corporate clients, federal governmental agencies, large insurance carriers, smaller businesses, and individuals.

In addition to regularly practicing in the courts of New York, Connecticut, Florida and New Jersey, our attorneys have litigated significant matters throughout the country, including in Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Alexandria, Roanoke, Phoenix, Seattle, Charlotte, and Los Angeles.

Among the substantive areas we have litigated are:

  • professional and officers and directors liability
  • breach of contracts
  • real estate issues
  • commercial transactions and agreements
  • business torts (e.g., fraud, theft of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty)
  • secured transactions
  • insurance issues (such as coverage, exclusions, timeliness of claims and statutes of limitations)
  • legal malpractice
  • estate litigation
  • property damage
  • brokerage
  • private placements
  • municipal bond default
  • securities fraud
  • partnership disputes
  • antitrust
  • class actions
  • mortgage and mechanics’ lien foreclosures
  • condemnation
  • election disputes
  • review of administrative determinations
  • industrial revenue bonds
  • white collar crimes
  • employment matters
  • RICO claims
  • banking and financing matters, and a variety of other issues.

The firm’s litigation philosophy is grounded in our collective experience with the courts and our ability to litigate effectively, efficiently, and successfully at both the trial and appellate levels.  It is from this base that we are able to focus on assessing the client’s particular requirements, and aggressively and cost-effectively pursuing a litigation strategy that meets those individual and business needs.