Public Policy

Public Policy


We understand the legislative and political process, and the political context that affects all governmental decision-making. This enables us to create opportunities for clients to expand their business activities with governmental entities, and help protect their interests from government action. Lobbying can be useful in promoting new initiatives and opposing potentially adverse governmental action.

Kantor | Davidoff has represented clients in the areas of green jobs and sustainability, emergency planning and response, telecommunications, public financing, economic development, transportation, insurance, trade associations, affordable housing, retailing, and after school programming.

We are bipartisan, and are known for our discretion, knowledge, skill and professionalism.

Election Law & Campaign Finance

Election Law is a highly specialized field that encompasses ballot access, recounts, election challenges, campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting, and PACs. We are a recognized leader in representing candidates, political parties, contributors, and trade associations. We have the expertise and skill to guide clients through the complexities of election law and campaign finance, and understand the political context in which election law issues often arise.

We provide advice and counsel on federal, state and local campaign finance, election, and ethics laws, and represent clients before city, state, and federal agencies dealing with election law and campaign finance, and, as necessary, courts in which such matters are adjudicated.